Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Undo Me

Each time I compose myself
And gather up the scattered pieces,
Just a smile, a word from you,
Is enough to imbue me.
You don't know it,
But you undo me.

Every time I try ,
To tear myself away,
And decide that this isn't right,
And I can't let you do this to me,
You don't know it,
But you undo me.

Never leave my thoughts,
Never disappear from my dreams,
Just the memory of your face,
Sends a rush right through me.
You don't know it,
But you undo me.

I don't want to resist anymore,
I cannot fight this feeling,
I don't care about right and wrong,
I just know how beautiful this can be,
And I want you to know,
That you undo me.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tonight, I danced with you in my dreams...

Tonight, I danced with you in my dreams.

One of those sensuous dances,
Like a slow, sweet tango,
Where bodies meet in each other's curves,
In the bumps and the hollows,
Like they were made to belong.
You held me by the hand, led me with your eyes,
Into the circle of light,
Silent music that only we could hear,
This was going to be the perfect night.

Looking like the absolute star that you are,
The touch of your skin driving me wild with desire,
The fragrance of you has made me come undone.
I am you, you are me,
I want to spend this night in ecstasy-
Lost in your beauty, drowned in your love,
The warmth of your words on my neck,
Drunk on the sweetness of your breath.
Your voice seduces me, as you whisper in my ear,
I know my being here with you has filled you up.

Cheek to cheek, and we are transported,
Seconds pass, minutes, and hours,
Moving and swaying in this divine moment.
And then like every perfect thing, this too, passes.
Seconds are aeons, minutes and hours are flickers in time,
The presiding stars depart, the music fades away.
You step away from the circle of light,
When I open my eyes, you have faded away,
And night rolls over and makes way for day.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Love Poem For Me

I am the fragrance that wafts in on the wind
And reminds him of the comfort of things.
Childhood memories, long-forgotten dreams,
A soothing voice that quitens a child's screams,
Seeking refuge in comforting arms,
I am these things, and the solace it brings.

When he breathes me in, the scent of my skin
Drowns him in a sea of surrender.
His hands move slowly over the curve of my back,
More than anywhere, he says, this is where I'd rather be.

Kiss me, he says, breathe life into me,
When I hang my head, you're the only one
Who can make me want to try once more,
When I'm spent and broken,
You're the only one who can fix me.

It's always thoughts of you, whether I wake or sleep,
I breathe you in, you completely consume me,
On the darkest night, you are my brilliant star,
Wherever I go, I carry you with me.

Speak to me, tell me your dreams,
Your fears, regrets and your desires,
And once told, leave them aside, let them be,
I will be your cradle, your resting place,
Come, my love, come into me.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wasting My Love

Yes, I too, want romance.

I want to wake up to thoughts of you, lapping at my mind like gentle waves.
I want you to be the last thing on my mind before sleep lures me away.
I want to lose my ability to think of anything else but you,
Where I go, all I do, I only want to be addicted to you.

But I want flowers too.
With a note that says 'I miss you'.

I want you to sing my favourite song even though you can't carry a tune,
And I want you to remember that my favourite colour is blue.
I want you to send me gifts, which cost little but are worth everything,
Little things that show you care about what I like too.

Kiss me in the rain, kiss me for no reason,
Call me on a busy day to sing a little song,
Tell me you don't know how you lived till I came along.

Laugh at me when I cry at the movies,
But then wipe away my tears and kiss me.
Need me, want me, miss me.

Let's go out, where we dress up and look nice,
Lost in each other as if there's only me,there's only you,
I want to argue about our choice of music,
And to tease you about crying at a soppy movie too.

But you live in another world, have another life,
And these foolish dreams are my undoing,
I am dying a little everyday, aching to tell you,
Wanting you to know somehow, that I have so much in me,
Surging to find you, to let myself go, to fall into you.

Everyone says that I'm a fool,
For wanting what I want, for thinking what I do.
Yes, I quite agree, that I'm wasting my love on you.

Redeem yourself, don't let me walk away,
Tell me that I am the air that you breathe.
I so want you to be the only one,
Prove me wrong, ask me to stay.